Workshops and Masterclasses

The MAYS prides itself on having comprehensive music education opportunities for all students. The Workshop series features diverse topics varying from how an instrument is made, the college admissions process, to Music Therapy, and much more.

Workshops are free as a member of the MAYS and are posted on the calendar.

Master Classes offer students the chance to work with experts in the field. During a master class, students perform a prepared piece for a teacher and essentially have an open lesson where other students can listen in and gain from the experience. This is a valuable experience for both a performing student and those listening.

Master Classes are posted on the MAYS calendar.

Workshops will be posted regularly to the Calendar on an ongoing basis.

Workshops are offered free of charge to all members of the MAYS.

If you have a topic for our workshop series, please
contact us!

Past Workshops:

LISA FERRIGNO: "Fiddle and Alternative Sounds"

DON-MICHAEL HILL: "College Admissions Process"

MAUREEN MAY & MICHAEL MILLER: "Scale Preparation Workshop" 

“Violin Masterclass”

DANIEL MAY: “Creating an Orchestral Composition”

JONI ROOS: “The Art of Tuning and Orchestra Etiquette”

AARON HILBUN: “College Admissions for Musicians”