Theory and Composition

The Theory and Composition Series with Mr. Greg Barker is offered as follows:

Theory Class Schedule:

Concertino Theory                 1:00 - 1:25     (before rehearsal)

Intermezzo Theory                 1:30 - 2:30     (before rehearsal)

Symphony Composition        2:35 - 3:35     (before rehearsal)

Repertory Composition         3:40 - 4:40     (after rehearsal)


Theory/Composition Class Fee:

$120 per Season (may be paid $60 per semester)

Intermezzo, Repertory, Symphony
$120 per Semester (may be paid $60 per Quarter)

Make Checks payable to:  Greg Barker
(not MAYS please)

Greg Barker
p. 407-221-4057

Performing great music is not our only goal at the MAYS.  We also want our members to grow in their understanding of what makes the music great.  Studying music theory is one way to think about music, exploring how it’s put together, and what makes it tick.  As you study music theory you will build a working vocabulary that will allow you to understand the music you play at a deeper, more profound level.

We also want our performing members to understand that music is a living art form consisting of music written by composers who have lived before us, as well as music written by composers who are living today--including you!  As you develop your theory “chops” (that’s a cool way of saying “skills”) you will apply what you are learning by creating original compositions.  Each student who participates in our theory sessions will have the opportunity to develop a portfolio of original works that they have written.