Repertory Orchestra (Orlando)

The Repertory Orchestra provides the essential opportunity for young musicians to grow and develop their musical skills in the full orchestra setting. In the Repertory Orchestra, students are taught skills to refine their orchestral playing skills, abilities that include listening, adjusting, and learning to play in a large ensemble. This orchestra is designed to nourish the musical abilities of students, and help them develop skills to play in an ensemble reading off larger scores and with new sounds.

  Meets Sundays - 1:30pm to 3:30pm 

Important Links:

How to Join - MAYS Orlando Application and Audition Process for the Repertory Orchestra

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Tuition/Payments - Make payments to MAYS online.

Scholarship - Learn more about scholarship opportunities available through the Jonathan May Foundation.

Orchestra Policies - Attendance Policy, Concert Dress, and other details.

Student Opportunities - Sign up for theory and composition classes, chamber groups, MAYS recitals, workshops, masterclasses, MAYS concerto competition, or private lessons.