Orchestra Policies


Concert Dress

Girls:  White long or ¾ length sleeve shirt, black dress pants or long (ankle length) black skirt, black hose or socks, with black dress shoes. Cellists: If choosing a skirt, please make certain that it is wide enough to play cello while wearing it.

Boys: Black pants, long sleeve white shirt, black neck tie. Black dress shoes and black dress socks.

Don’t forget that your child may grow out of their dress shoes on occasion. Please check them a few days before the concert to make certain that they still fit.


All Students must have a Hold Harmless form on file.

Please sign and return the
Hold Harmless/ Release formto Emily May Costa at MAYS4music@maysymphony.org.

All MAYS members receive an official Orchestra Handbook.
If you need a replacement copy, please contact us at

Quick Policy Guidelines:


Orchestra students are required to attend all scheduled concert events.
If a conflict occurs, a parent must contact your MAYS Regional Orchestra Manager as soon as possible.

Attendance will be taken at each rehearsal.

If absences become excessive (over 3 absence per year) or interfere with rehearsal and performance objectives, the student and parents will have to meet with the Artistic Directors to determine whether the student can continue to participate in rehearsals and concerts.

Please arrange transportation prior to rehearsals or concerts.