How to Join & Auditions

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Audition Tips from Mr. May

Sharing your musical talent with others is part of the orchestral experience. Relax and enjoy the audition process. Be comfortable. Be prepared. This helps you to be confident. Be bold and expressive…this makes your music more interesting!

Choose a solo piece with which you are comfortable. Do not choose a difficult piece to impress the judges. The best strategy is picking your favorite piece and playing it well.

If orchestral excerpts are part of the audition process, take them to your private music teacher to get ideas on style. Pay close attention to the tempo markings indicated on the music. In sight-reading, take time to look over the piece. Rhythm is a very important factor.

Most of all enjoy your audition! Your best performance happens when you play from your heart. If you have the desire and the ability, you deserve to be part of the orchestra!

Jonathan May, MAYS Honorary Founder