Mission Statement
Mission Statement

To serve families of the greater Orlando and Lake County areas by providing a safe, nurturing environment in which young people are trained in the cultural arts.

Core Values

Trust.  Honesty.  Community.

It is our goal to embody these three values in everything we do at the MAYS. 

Trust permeates our organization.  Parents extend their trust to us when they ask us to assist in the musical development of their child.  A measure of trust is required by each student who makes themselves vulnerable to the audition process.  Conductors trust performers to respond to their silent gestures and players trust that conductors will lead them confidently through the repertoire.  Trust is essential to the creative process.

We understand that trust is fundamentally fragile and is preserved with honesty.  Our pledge to you is that we will be accessible and transparent with you and your children in every regard. 

The dynamic interaction of being honest with one another and trusting one another invariably builds community.  Rehearsals become a swirling vortex of trust and honesty as players look to conductors to lead them, and conductors reciprocate, providing critiques and pointing out the path to improved artistic expression.  Together we create music.  As we do, the bonds of friendship are knit together, not just between performers and conductors but also among our families and those who hear us play.

Creativity is by nature communal.  At the MAYS we celebrate the diverse network of people who make an organization like ours possible.  Parents, students, private instructors, school directors, and professional players all contribute to the creative process and the enrichment of our local communities.