Chamber Symphony (Lake County)

The foundation of the Chamber Symphony is made of the most experienced strings students in Lake County. Other musical instrumentation is added to complement the selections being performed. This select group indicates a serious level of skill and dedication, and requires a focused attention to detail.

  Meets Sundays - 3:00-5:00pm at St. James Episcopal Church in Leesburg. 

Important Links:

How to Join - MAYS Lake County Application and Audition Process for the Chamber Symphony

Tuition/Payments - Make payments to MAYS online.

Scholarship - Learn more about scholarship opportunities available through the Jonathan May Foundation.

Orchestra Policies - Attendance Policy, Concert Dress, and other details.

MAYS of Lake County Auditions - Students in the Chamber Symphony are required to take placement auditions.

Student Opportunities - Sign up for theory and composition classes, chamber groups, MAYS recitals, workshops, masterclasses, MAYS concerto competition, or private lessons.