Chamber Music

MAYS Chamber Music Program provides chamber opportunities throughout the year for students that wish to maximize their youth orchestra experience.  From playing recitals, local festivals, groundbreakings, and private functions to simply rehearsing with like-minded musicians that also desire the chamber music experience, MAYS will help guide chamber music students into their own string quartets, trios, and more. 

Students interested in chamber opportunities should fill out the form below and follow a few simple steps.

1.) Sign up as an individual or as a group (remember to scroll down and press"Submit"):

2.) MAYS will help you set up a group with standard instrumentation.

Musicianship + Personality + Schedule + Commitment = Success!

Chamber groups also have to chance to perform at a MAYS recital.

When and Where: Students in the MAYS Chamber Music Program will have the opportunity to rehearse Sundays before or after regular orchestra rehearsals with the direction of a MAYS Ensemble Coach.

Performances: Ensembles will have the chance to perform at MAYS Recitals as well as throughout the community.

Cost: The Chamber Music Program is an additional cost which, like a private lesson, is payable directly to the Coach. Costs will vary by the coach, and students are expected to divide the cost between all members of their chamber group.

As a member of the MAYS, if you have a group that would like to
learn the great works for small chamber ensembles please complete the form above so
that we can connect you with a coach who has experience
performing and teaching these pieces.

Additionally, if you do not have a chamber group already chosen
but would like to join one please complete the form above and we will get you
placed in a group.

MAYS will provide you the opportunity to not only learn great
chamber music, but to also perform with your group on a MAYS Recital.