COVID-19 - MAYS Updates

Hi MAYS Students and Families!

We miss you and hope you are all healthy and safe!  We are hard at work compiling your recordings and will announce the final video as soon as it is ready! 

MAYS Teachers and Staff


Here are the details for the Virtual Orchestra Project:

For this project, we are asking our students to record themselves playing their parts for "Dona Nobis Pacem: (Grant us Peace)" and "An Ode to Joy Festival," so that we may combine all of the individual student recordings to become a "virtual orchestra." This is the music that was rehearsed at the virtual sectionals. 

Recording Instructions:

For this project, please send in your VIDEO (not an audio only) recording by the end of April 2020.

You can use whatever video recording equipment you have available - a camera, your phone, ipad, computer, etc. If possible, please submit using landscape mode.

Please make sure the video shows the student playing their instrument.

Students should wear their usual MAYS concert attire for this recording. As a reminder, concert dress is: 
Boys: White dress shirt, long black tie, black pants, belt, shoes and socks
Girls: White dress shirt (to elbows or longer), black pants or skirt, and black shoes 

For the recording itself: 

Please tune to A= 440

Start your recording, then start your click track in your ear with earbuds/ headphones (so the click isn’t audible in your recording), then play your piece!

Please record two separate recordings: one of “An Ode to Joy Festival” and another of“Dona Nobis Pacem”

When you are ready, please upload your files here:

You will receive a confirmation email once we have received your file. Please make sure that you have received this so that we can verify your recording will be included.

For any questions, email us at or call/ text Emily at 407-761-5170.

Recording Reminders: 

-There are 8 clicks before the first measure of "An Ode to Joy Festival" begins. 

-There are 6 clicks before the first measure of "Dona Nobis Pacem" begins. 

-Smile/ put your bow up/ and leave a few seconds with you on camera before stopping your recording. 

Additional tools for your recording: 

Click tracks: 

Dona Nobis Click/ Guide Track 

The Measures to Play for Dona Nobis Pacem can be found by clicking here

"An Ode to Joy Festival" Click/ Guide Track

Example/ Explanations: 

Dona Nobis Pacem:

Concertino/ Intermezzo Dona Nobis Pacem Melody:

Bass Line/ Ostinato Part for Dona Nobis Pacem:

Repertory Dona Nobis Pacem:

Symphony Dona Nobis Pacem:

An Ode to Joy Festival:

"An Ode to Joy Festival" for Concertino:

Intermediate Violin 2 Part (Intermezzo) for An Ode to Joy Festival:

Intermediate Cello/ Bass Part (Intermezzo and Repertory) for An Ode to Joy Festival:

Thank you!